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Breeds of Livestock

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We welcome your comments, suggestions, photos or corrections for any of the livestock breeds.


We are currently looking for high resolution pictures for any of the breeds. 

Before you send your message:

  • Be certain to double check your email address for accuracy. We get a number of requests each day that cannot be filled simply because they do not have a correct email address.
  • This mail form applies to the entire livestock breeds site so we cannot tell to which breed you are referring unless you specify in the form.
  • We do not maintain any information on individual breeders of the various breeds. For that information you should contact the registry for the breed.
  • We do not have access to pedigree information. If you have a question about a specific animal you should contact the breed registry directly.
  • This form is sent to the Department of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University. If we are aware of an email address or web site for a breed association it will be listed on the breed page.
  • We do not have the capabilities to respond to questions in languages other than English. 


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