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Breeds of Livestock

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The Mammoth Jack Stock was developed in the United States in its early years by George Washington. He had received two Spanish Jacks which were used as studs. Later on the Andalusian, Maltese, Poitou, A very large donkey standing in front of a woman sitting on a fence.Majorcan and the Catalonian were used in developed the breed. From these crosses, breeders selected desirable traits which are now represented in the Mammoth Jack Stock.


The Mammoth Jack Stock has a distinct dark brown color of fur with white in the muzzle and underbelly. It is tall, with the male standing around 56" while the female is 54". The weight of the Mammoth Jack Stock has range between 900-1200 pounds. Its purpose is to produce draft mules or for agricultural work.



54" and up for jennets

56" and up for jacks




The American Donkey and Mule Society Inc., PO Box 1210, Lewisville TX, 75067 (972) 219-0781


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