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Breeds of Livestock

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The Chinese geese have no exact known point of origin, however, they are descended from the wild swan geese that are native to Asia.



A brown and white Chinese goose standing in front of a patch of flowers.The Chinese has a curvaceous, well rounded body. The neck is long and slender, like a swan. The beak is elongated and thin; it is attached to a nob on the forehead. It holds its body upright, making the check protrude out, however the body is short. This breed of Geese has no keel. The feathers are close together. They are considered good foragers and eat many different types of grasses, particularly weeds, so often they are kept as a way of keeping down the weeds. They are sometimes called "Weeder Geese". They lay 40-100 eggs and are considered good mothers. The legs are considered a dark brown to orange color. They also, surprisingly, are very good "watch dogs" becoming aggressive to strangers.


Standard Weight

5.5-14 lbs



  • Brown
  • White



The Chinese are used for many purposes, such as: eggs, meat (less greasy), weed controllers, and "watch dogs".




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