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Breeds of Livestock

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A close up photo of a Black turkey with shiny black feathers.The Black turkey was developed in Europe from a group of turkeys brought from Mexico in the 1500's. The Black turkey should have a lustrous greenish black plumage. The Black turkey is not extensively bred in America, but in Europe it is considered one of the finest turkeys for table qualities, and is bred with success in Eastern England and Normandy in France. The French Blacks are pure, rich black, while the Norfolk Blacks in England are dull black, with brown and even white tips showing. The French blacks are the hardiest. In middle Europe the Black turkeys are smaller in size. The desired weights for the variety in America are: adult cock, 27 lbs; yearling cock, 22 lbs; cockerel, 18 lbs; hen, 18 lbs; pullet, 12 lbs. 




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