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The Piemonte region of Northwest Italy (razza Piemontese) is a secluded pocket, naturally protected by the Alps mountains. Aurochs, (bos Taurus) ancient European cattle, populated this region. Some 25,000 years ago, a type of cattle known as Zebu (bos Indicus) began a massive migration from Pakistan. The vanguard of this migration entered the Piedmont valleys and were blocked from further movement by the Alps. These cattle stayed and intermingled with the local "native" cattle - the Auroch. These two distinct breeds - the Auroch and the Zebu - fused and evolved through natural selection over the next 25,000 years to become the Piedmontese breed.


All Italian white breeds, Piedmontese included, are born 'fawn' or tan and change to the grey-white color, with black skin pigmentation. The Piedmontese, however, also carry genetic traits absolutely unique to them. In 1886, the appearance of double-muscling (DM) in Piedmontese cattle attracted the attention of breeders, who had the foresight to recognize the enormous potential of this development. The first Herdbook was opened in 1887, and improvement campaign and standard of merit have led to many years of genetic selection to eliminate detrimental aspects generally associated with DM.


In Italy, the Piedmontese have been (and many still are today) utilized as a dual-purpose animal...having very rich milk used for specialty cheese production and beef marketed as a premium product. The first Piedmontese in North America arrived in the fall of 1979 through an importation made from Italy by the PBL Cooperative of Saskatchewan, Canada. Additional importation through the 1980s added to the Piedmontese lines in North America. By the 1990's, import of genetic material (semen and embryos) had dramatically improved - and there is now a wealth of bloodlines to select from.



Registries and Breed Associations



Asociación Criadores Argentinos Bovinos Raza Piemontese
Av. H. Yrigoyen 5160/80 - B1824ABU
Lanús Oeste - Buenos Aires
Telefax: (54-011) 4241-3449/4834



Australian Piedmontese Cattle Association Inc.
c/o Agricultural Business Research Institute
University of New England
Armidale, NSW 2351
Phone: (02)67 733342
Fax: (02)67 721943


United Kingdom

The British Piemontese Cattle Society Ltd.
Secretary - Craig Culley
33 Eden Grange
Little Corby
Carlisle CA4 8QW
Tel: +44 (0)1228 562908


United States

Piedmontese Association of the United States
6134 NW Thiel Dr.Kidder, MO 64649(816)-284-5258


North American Piedmontese Association (NAPA)
PO Box 330
Valleyford, WA., USA
Executive Director - Vicki Johnson
(306) 329-8600




Piedmontese Association of the United States, 6134 NW Thiel Dr. Kidder, MO 64649(816)-284-5258

Anaborapi, Str. Trinita 32, 12061, Carru, Italy

Southeastern Piedmontese Association, 2910 Hartwell Hwy, Dewy Rose, GA, 30634


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