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Breeds of Livestock

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A Kalmyk camel in a dry, desolate area.The Kalmyk breed is considered an improved one. They are large animals with well-developed skeleton, musculature and hair cover and have a great capacity for carrying loads and for work.


The females have a live weight of 650-700 kg, net meat yield 56.8%, wool yield 8 kg. Their milk yield is 10-15% less than that of the Kazakh breed and the milk-fat content is 5.5%. The average live weight of breeding males is 760 kg (maximum of 1042 kg) with a meat yield of 60%  and wool yield 10-13 kg.


Kalmyk Bactrians are reared primarily in the Kalmyk ASSR, Astrakhan region of RSFSR and in Guryev, Mangyshlak, Ural and Kzyl-Orda of the Kazakah SSR.




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