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Breeds of Livestock

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A Sonid camel in black and white.The camels of China are all of the bi-humped, Bactrian type. Camels are mainly distributed in the high plains, deserts and semi-deserts of the north and northwest China.


Camels can tolerate extremely hot weather. They can suffer thirst, going without watering for 7-8 days, even under the sun, and may lose as much as 221 lbs of water which is about 22-25% of their body weight.


The Bactrian camel is a multi-purpose animal, mainly used for working and producing wool, meat and milk.


The camel can travel 25-40 km per day for one month. A load of 330 lbs can be carried for 7-8 hours a day at the ordinary speed of 25-35 km per day. One camel can pull a load of 1650 lbs or 3300 lbs by two, per day at normal walking speed.


The total production of wool is 11 lbs from the undercoat. As a percent of the carcass, meat ranges 25-42%.


Camels can be milked when nursing young, lactation lasting about 14-16 months. Milking is not common for the Sonid, which may produce 2 lbs of milk daily, 7 lbs being the highest.




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