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Also Known By: GloucesterGloucester Old SpotGoucestershire Old Spot


The Gloucestershire Old Spots is a black and white breed that is predominantly white in color. In recent years, selection has been towards less black and now only a spot or two are usually found. The breed also has a heavy drooped ear.A black and white Gloucestershire Old Spot pig standing behind a fence.


Gloucestershire Old Spots originated in the Berkeley Valley region of England UK. The origin of the breed is unknown but is probably from the native stock of the area along with introductions of various breeds. In 1855, Youatt and Martin mentioned there was a native stock in Gloucestershire that was of an unattractive dirty white color.


A grey, spotted sow with a litter of white pigs with black spots standing in the grass with "Provided by Michael von Luttwittz" at the bottom.The Old Spots are among the large size pigs in England. At one time, they were called the Orchard Pig because they were partially raised on windfall apples and whey - waste agricultural products of the area.


Gloucestershire Old Spots are said to be good foragers or grazers. This is not surprising considering the type of feeding practiced in the original home of the breed during its early development. The sows of the breed are known for large litters and high milk production. Prolificacy and milk production have been characteristics sought by practical producers everywhere.


Three grey pigs with black spots eating off the ground.A Gloucestershire Old Spots breed society was formed in 1913. And while it has never become a dominant breed in its native country or in any country, it has had an influence on the world's swine production. There is little doubt the breed contributed more than just some influence on the color pattern to the Spot and was also used in the development of the Minnesota No. 3 breed in the United States.


Registries and Breed Associations


United Kingdom

Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig Breeders' Club


United States

Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig of America




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