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Also Known By: Red Wagyu


The Akaushi Wagyu, "Akaushi" meaning "red cow" and Wagyu meaning "Japanese cow" is a red Japanese breed. A bos taurus, this breed originated in Kumamoto, Japan. They did not exist outside of Japan until 1994, the year eight females and three males were shipped to the US.


Today, the Akaushi population in the US is about 1,000 full-blooded Akaushi bulls, and 8,700 full-blooded Akaushi cows.



The Akaushi have highly marbled carcasses and make favorable crosses. This is due to their low calf weight of 60-65lbs, making birthing easier, and a high fertility. Females can produce calves until they reach 18 years of age,  and a male can service 50 cows during breeding service. Other breeds have a more typical rate of 25 cows per bull.


The bulls are of moderate size, and have a very tame temperament.



Breed Associations and Registries


United States

American Akaushi Association

128 East South Main

Flatonia, Texas 78941



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