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Breeds of Livestock

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Also Known By: Massanaise (French)

An Alberes cow grazing in a field.

This is a semi-feral breed found in the Albères Mountains and eastern Pyrenees of France and Spain.


While this is a single breed, many often divide it into two separate breeds because of the different coat colors this breed offers. It is black, blond, or brown in coloration. The black color variety is often referred to as Black Alberes, whereas the blonde and brown coats are familiarly known as Fagina Alberes.


They are known for their ability to produce high-quality milk with a high butterfat content, making them well-suited for cheese and butter production. They are also hardy and adaptable to mountainous environments, having been traditionally used as a working breed for grazing and milk production in the Pyrenees region. 


Despite their favorable qualities, the number of Alberes cattle has declined in recent years, and they are now considered a rare breed. Efforts are being made to preserve and promote the breed, including establishing conservation programs and encouraging their use in sustainable agriculture.


An alberes bull in middle of herd.







Figure 2. Image provided by Dr.  Jesus Piedrafita



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