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Breeds of Livestock

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Also known by: Anadolu Yerli Kara


Anatolia, the Asia Minor portion of Turkey has supported shorthorned cattle since the Hittite period over 4000 years ago. Today the Anatolian Black is Turkey's most popular breed. It is hardy, disease resistant and tolerant of poor care, meager diet and adverse climate conditions.


Antolian Black bull standing in a dirt pen.On small farms it is used as a work animal, and the cows are kept for milk. Experiments have shown that he Anatolian Black can be fattened rapidly and that the cows can produce as much as 1890 kg of milk with a 5-8% fat content.


The conformation of the breed tends to vary. Some animals exhibit a more typical beef build and others tend toward dairy. The legs are short and thick and the neck long with a large dewlap. The coat is brown-black to dark gray. Females average 100-115 cm in height and 150 to 250 kg in weight.




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