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Breeds of Livestock

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The Argentine Criollo is one of the Criollo type cattle found in the Americas and include An Argentine Criollo bull.the Texas Longhorn among others. The origin of Criollo cattle goes back to the first bovines brought by Columbus in his travels to America in 1493. These cattle were selected in Andalusia and they spread in the New World with the colonization expeditions. Because of this, they quickly spread throughout the Americans adapting to the diverse climatic conditions. From this original seedstock they have adapted and multiples and now comprise breeds found from the Patagonian glaciers to the North American west.


The Argentine Criolla cow is medium size (400-440 kg), of angular conformation, with a high tailhead indicating easier calving. The daily milk production is good (4-6 daily liters). Mature weights of the bulls varies from 600 to 800 kg.


The breed is docile and easily worked with horses. They exhibit all the possible color patterns of the Bos taurus, on the white basic layers, doradillas and blacks, with all their well-known combinations. Their fertility and ease of calving make them a good breed for less intensive systems. Its genetic variability is another one of the advantages to be considered when they are used in a crossbreeding program because it assures a greater hybrid vigor.


A herd of Argentine Criollo cattle.The maternal ability of the females are reflected in the high weaning weights of the calves, up to 50% of the cows own body weight. The good milk production of the cows also offers a possibility for the dual-operation in zones at where the traditional milk races cannot survive. Their hardiness and longevity are some of the advantages that the Criollo breed passes on to its offspring.


On the other hand, its production is outstanding with excellent quality of meat in both flavor and tenderness.


In 1990 a registry was opened, in charge of the Rural Society Argentina, all animal already registered with the Association as well as any offspring were inspected. The registries are currently open and breeding stock can be incorporated that are considered pure. These animal comprise the base stock that is considered to be of pure Spanish origin and without mixing of other cattle breeds. The offspring of these animals are also eligible for registration of they are approved by inspection.


Asociación Argentina de Criadores de Ganado Bovino Criollo
Secretario: Gonzalo Ruiz
Phone: 0525-20631
Vice presidente: Miguel Solanet




SENASA Argentina, Carlos Moruzz, Coord. área Internet


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