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Breeds of Livestock

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Also Known As: Laguiole


An Aubrac cow and her calf. The Aubrac are found in Aveyron-Lozère, France. Their development started during the 1600's at the Benedictine Abbey of Aubrac in the south of France, where the controlled breeding was practised until the Abbey was destroyed during the French Revolution.  Selective breeding was promoted between 1840 and 1880, with Brown Swiss blood used to improve the breed.


An Aubrac cow and calf pair.They are used primarily for meat production although, historically, they were also used as draft animals and for milk. They are usually fawn to brown in color.  The females average 125 cm in height and weigh 580 kg.  The average bull stands 130 cm and weighs 825 kg. Lactation averages 2,180 kg at 4.13% fat in 248 days.




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