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The Belmont Adaptaur was developed in Australia in the 1950s from crosses between Herefords and Shorthorns. It is selected mainly for increased resistance to the stresses of the tropics, particularly heat and cattle ticks. 



Characteristics of Adaptaur Bulls

Adaptaur bulls are early maturing and medium size. They are relatively easy care: sleek coat, well pigmented eyes and good resistance to heat, ticks and internal parasites. 


Function of Adaptaur Bull

ls Adaptaurs can be used as a sire breed capable of producing substantial hybrid vigor when mated to Brahman cows to produce F1 (Brahman x Adaptaur) progeny. 


The F1 (Brahman x Adaptaur) Progeny

The F1 progeny grow faster and more fertile than Brahmans. They have similar resistance to ticks and worms as Brahmans. They are at least 10% more efficient than Brahmans. They have the carcass qualities of the Bos taurus.


Tick Resistance Gene

Some Adaptaurs have extremely high resistance to cattle ticks as they carry a gene that has a major effect on resistance. In conjunction with the Australian Hereford Society, the frequency of the gene is being increased by embryo transfer and assortative mating.




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