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Breeds of Livestock

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A Bhagnari cow.The Bhagnari is draft type. They are found in Bhag territory in north of district Jacobabad in Baluchistan Province. The color varies from white to gray, deepening to almost black on the neck, shoulder and hump in mature males. The average weight at maturity is 600 kg for the male and 480 kg for the female. 


A typical Bhagnari is compact and massive having well proportioned body and limbs, a medium head with the neck being short and strong with a small dewlap. The ears are small and pointed. The horns are stumpy and the sheath is tight with a small, medium hump. The back is somewhat straight, hind quarters are wide, muscular and drooping. There is a black switch of tail and they are suitable for heavy draught work.


A Bhagnari bull.











Muhammad Tahir, Associate Professor, Department of Animal Breeding & Genetics, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan

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