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Breeds of Livestock

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Among cattle introduced since 1697 to Baja California, Mexico, some varieties were notable in that once established, they were exposed to the dry environment of the region for many generations, and natural selection produced the creole cattle known locally as Chinampo, a small, rustic animal. At present about 30,000 Chinampo cattle are scattered in small ranches. Chinampo cattle in Baja California are kept using a system of extensive pasturing in marginal areas that are less appropriate for exploiting specialized breeds.


The body weight of a cow averages from 115 kg at age 1 year, to 255 kg at 6 years and above. Bulls weigh from 130 kg at age 1 year, up to 345 kg at 4 years and above. Females average a length of 95 cm, which increases to 139 cm at 6 years and above. Bulls of age 1 year average 98 cm, while bulls of 4 years or greater measure 128 cm. The wither height of females varies from 101 to 117 cm in animals from 1 year to 6 years or more, respectively. In bulls, the wither height fluctuates between 100 cm in animals of 1 year, up to 120 cm at 4 years or more. The hair coloration of 30% of the animals is uniform, while the rest show a combination of two or three colors. Criolo type; usually white with black markings.




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