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Breeds of Livestock

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A Dulong bull.Dulong cattle are found in the northwest of Yunnan Province, and captured by local hunters in the mountainous area of Dulong Autonomous County. They feed on bamboo, reed, weeds, etc., and graze on the mountains all year round.


Dulong have a larger body size than the local yellow cattle, with the males weighing from 400-600kg (880-1325 lbs) and the females 350-450 kg (770-990 lbs). They have a black or brown hair coat, white feet and short horns stretching laterally.


Dulongs are late in maturity with the average age at first mating for the males being 3.5 years and the females 4 years. The F1 males obtained from crossing with yellow cattle are infertile, as are the F1 males from the cross between yak and yellow cattle. The chromosome number has been estimated at 2n=58, which differs from those of Bos taurus (2n = 60) and wild cattle (Bos gaurus, 2n = 56). The Dulong is therefore considered as another cattle species (Bos frontalis).




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