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Breeds of Livestock

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Also Known As: toro de lidia, toro lidiado, ganado bravo, Touro de Lide


A Fighting bull.A subspecies of auroch, Bos taurus Ibericus, is thought to be the ancestor of the all the dark colored breeds found on the Iberian peninsula including the Fighting bull or Fighting cattle. The breed is selected primarily for aggressiveness, strength and vigor. They are bred primarily in Spain, Portugal and those Latin American countries where bull fighting is organized.


Most individuals are either black or dark brown but the colors range from gray to white-patched, brindled, roan, red and chestnut. Fighting cattle are recognized for their elegant stature. The toro has a long curved neck and holds its head very high. The long slender legs of the breed allow it to generate remarkable speed and the breed is noted for its agility. Mature bulls weight approximately 600 to 700kg (1300-1600 pounds).




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