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Breeds of Livestock

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Also Known By: Blaarkop, Groninger Blaarkop or Gronings Blaarkop (Dutch), Groninger (German), Groningue (French), Zwartblaar, Zwartwitkop, Roodblaar, Roodwitkop


Groningen Whiteheaded are typically black in color with a white head and belly.  However, about 5% of the population are red rather than black. The Groningen's ancestry may be traced to the Middle Ages. The Groningen originated in what is now the northern sections of the Netherlands.


Through modern selective breeding practices and crossbreeding with Holstein and Angeln cattle, the milk yields of these animals have increased but are still lower than those of other Dutch breeds. Cows stand 132 cm and weigh 600 kg. Milk production averages 5,068 kg at 4% fat per lactation.




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