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Breeds of Livestock

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A herd of Israeli Red cattle.Also Known By: Simford


The Israeli Red is a synthetic breed of cattle based on Mediterranean origin (native, Turkish and Abushe) crossed with Brahman and Santa Gertrudis. Over the years an upgrading program of Hereford, Angus and Simmental breeds has been carried out. The main goal in the breeding program was to produce a breed, which is:

  1. An aggressive forager, with ability to graze a native pasture existing in the arid zones of the Mediterranean.
  2. Disease and parasite resistant mainly resistant to Cattle Tick Fever under hot weather conditions.


Breeding program was started in 1960 and for the past 30 years seedstock herd management has been based on organized record keeping and analysis.


An Israeli Red bull.Today, main seedstock herd consists of 5,000 (out of 50,000) selected dams with the following record:

  • Average mature weight 500 Kg.
  • Average weaning weight 280 Kg. (250 days).
  • Performance test for postweaning daily gain bulls from the seedstock herd under Central Test Station indicates an average of 1.5 Kg./day.




Dr. Meori Rosen, Chief extension Scientist, Beef Production, Ministry of Agriculture, State of Israel

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