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Breeds of Livestock

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A Mandalong cow and calf.Development of the Mandalong Special began at Mandalong Park, near Sydney, NSW, in the mid 1960s. Five base breeds were used - the Charolais, Chianina, Polled Shorthorn, British White and Brahman. After four generations the breed was stabilized with a content of 58.33% European, 25% British and 16.67% Brahman bloodlines.


The breed was developed with the objective of producing a hardy animal, small at birth for easy calving but with a high growth rate and the ability to produce a high quality, well muscled carcass, with well distributed fat cover at all stages of growth.


The breed is large, may be polled or horned and varies in color from light cream to dun.

A herd of Mandalong cows.









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