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Breeds of Livestock

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Also known by: Roodbont (Dutch), Maas-Rijn-Yssel (Dutch), Rotbunte holländische (German), Mosane-rhénane-ysseloise (French), Dutch Red-and-White, MRI, MRY, Red Pied Dutch


This breed was developed in the southeastern sections of the Netherlands as a dual purpose breed, both milk and meat production. Producers have now concentrated on their milk production and the breed now comprises over a quarter of the Dutch cattle population. It was developed at the beginning of the twentieth century from a mixture of red and red-pied Dutch breeds and Munster cattle from Germany. Since the 1970's Red Holstein has also been used in the breeding program.


Females are about 135 cm in height and weigh 900 kg. Males stand 142 cm and average 1,250 kg in weight.




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