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Parthenais existed in western Europe for hundreds of years with the official French herd book being established in 1893. 100 years later the Canadian herd book was established.




Docile, reddish buckskin cattle with black pigmentation. Calving ease consistent with traditional North American values.



Market Appeal

  • Statistics show Parthenais to be highly productive, fertile producers.
  • High cutability.
  • Expected to prove out lower in calories, fat and cholesterol while retaining excellent flavor and tenderness.



Registries and Breed Associations


The Canadian Parthenais Association
13,4101-19th St. NE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 7C4.
Phone: (403) 291-9722


United Kingdom

The British Parthenais Cattle Society Ltd 
c/o Mrs R Cookes, 
Eastcote Hall Farm 
West Midlands 


United States

Parthenais Cattle Breeders of America
P.O. Box 788
Arp, Texas 75750
Phone/Fax: (903) 859-3546


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