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Breeds of Livestock

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A Red Fulani cow.Place of Origin - Southern Niger, Central and North Nigeria
Uses - Meat
Relationship to other breeds - West African (long lyrehorned) Zebu type
Characteristics - The Red (Bororo) fulani is specific to the Bororo Fulani people of south-central and southeast Niger. The breed is well liked by the Fulani. The cattle are in conditions of low rainfall (3-5 five months of rain followed by the long dry season}. They graze well on mature grasses, shrubs, and tree leaves. They are also noted for their herd instincts and walking-gait/ability to "travel".

Breed Societies - Hausa Abori, Rahadji or Rahaji, Fulani Bodadi (Wodabe tribe)
Synonyms - Brahaza, Djafoun (Cameroon), Fellata (Chad and Ethiopia), Fogha, Gabassaé, Gadéhé, Hanagamba, Kréda (Chad), Mbororo, Rahaza, Red Fulani, Red Longhorn
Proscribed Names - not Boro, Borroro




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