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Also Known By: Malir (Baluchistan), Red Karachi, Sindhi


The Red Sindhi originated in the Pakistani state of Sind but due to its hardiness, heat resistance and high milk yields they have spread into many parts of India and at least 33 countries in Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas.


Under good management conditions the Red Sindhi averages over 1700 kg of milk after suckling their calves but under optimum conditions there have been milk yields of over 3400 kg per lactation.


The average height of a Red Sindhi cow is 116 cm with a body weight of 340 kg. Bulls average 134 cm in height and a body weight of 420 kg. They are normally a deep, rich red color but this can vary from a yellowish brown to dark brown. Males are darker than females and when mature may be almost black on the extremities, such as the head, feet and tail.



Red Sindhi in Australia

Red Sindhi cattle arrived in Australia in 1954 from Pakistan, as a gift to the Australian Government. While traditionally considered a milking breed they have been successfully used in crossing systems with British breeds to produce tropical beef types. In Australia, they have been an adaptable, hardy breed, good foragers and have a high degree of resistance to heat and ticks.




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