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A Retinta cow and calf.The Retinta is the most numerous breed in Spain with a high concentration in Extremadura and West Andalucia, where the breed originated. The breed is dark red with a black nose and hooves and lyre shaped horns. The Retinta originated from a combination of Andalusian Red, Extremadura Red and Andalusian Blond.


The Retinta are work and beef animals with the primary current selection for beef production. Their size and development vary substantially from region to region, with light colored animals being found in the coastal areas. The largest variety is the Tamerone, with is selected and bred at Las Lomas Finca in the region of Cadiz.


Retinta cows are typically 136 cm in height and 380 - 590 kg in weight.  Bulls are larger and stand 141 cm with a weight range of 660 to 1000 kg.




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