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Breeds of Livestock

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Romosinuano cattle in a field.Also Known As: Coastal Polled, Moruno-Sinuano


The Romosinuano was developed in the Sinú valley of northern Colombia. They are of the Criollo type, red-brown and polled. The name Romosinuano means Polled Sinú. The Romosinuano originated during the late 1800's from Costeño con Cuernos (Horned Sinú). It is unknown whether the polled trait is an independent mutation within the Costeño con Cuernos or if there were Angus or Red Poll blood introduced.


The breed is somewhat smaller than the Costeño con Cuernos with the mature females weighing 400 kg and males 500 kg. The breed is docile with typical beef conformation.

A Romosinuano cow.












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