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The RX3 Story


One of the first of the new composite beef breeds (early 1970's) and the strictest in terms of a planned genetic program. RX3 stands for the "synthesis" of three red American breeds into a new and superior recombination. The three foundation breeds were carefully chosen for the specific genetic traits each could contribute to the new breed. It was necessary to develop a new germ plasm pool which would allow selection for the essential traits of a more complete breed.


  1. Pure Herefords from Miles City, MT, Livestock Experiment Station female lines were crossed with pure Red and White Holstein sires from the Larry Moore Holstein Herd, Suamico, WI. This "first cross" was made under range conditions in Montana and North Dakota.
  2. The pure Red Angus sire Choctaw Chief 373 and his sons and grandsons from the pioneer Beef Cattle Co. herd, Johnston, IA, were used on the F1 female population to complete the three breed merger. The 'Chiefline' strain of Red Angus has continued to dominate the Red Angus Breed in their National Sire Evaluation.
  3. The Breed synthesis is made, the new germ pool established and now the most important step of all, the molding of the new breed. This is being done by use of tough and disciplined testing combined with intelligent and systematic selection for the traits of greatest economic importance.
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