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Swedish Red Polled cattle in a field.Also known by: Röd Kullig Lantras, Röd Kullig Boskap


The Swedish Red Polled is a dairy breed found in Sweden. It is similar to the Red Polled Østland of Norway and the West Finnish. The breed is almost extinct.


The Swedish Red Polled varies in color from brown to a yellowish red. Some individuals will have white markings on the belly. Females stand 117-123 cm, weigh 350-450 kg and give 5500 kg milk annually.


In the 1970´s there were only one farm using Swedish Red Polled(SRP) cattle and they only had 23 animals. The genetic material was too small for survival so imports of foreign cattle were made to save the breed. The foreign breed most like the SRP was the East-Norwegian Red Polled Cattle, and therefore that was the genes used to save the SRP.

A Swedish Red Polled cow and calf.


SRP were very common in the landscapes Dalarna and Bohuslän and also in the 
area around Stockholm. SRP can live on poor woodlands and give quite good milk, both in taste and quantity.




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Anette Eriksson, Luleå, Sweden

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