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Also Known By: Vestlandsk fjordfe, Fjord, West Coast Fjord, Westland Horned, Western fjord cattle


This is a non-commercial rare breed with a registered population of 100 heifer (2 years and younger) and 214 cows as of January 1995.


The Vestland Fjord can be horned or polled, multicolored dual purpose cow that is common to the fjord area of Western Norway. It is short-legged and small-boned. It is the smallest of the native Norwegian breeds. It is a relatively efficient milk yielder for its size, producing approximately 4000 kg a year on a high roughage diet. Live weight is approximately 400 kg. Semen reserves in 1995 was 15,331 units (20 bulls).




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Stiftelsen Norsk Landbrunksmuseum, Sagabygget, Norges landbrukshogskole, 1432 Ås, Norway

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