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Breeds of Livestock

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A Vestland Red Polled cow.Also Known By: Vestlandsk Raudkolle, Western Red Polled Cattle, West Coast Red Polled, Westland Polled


The Vestland Red Polled is a non-commercial breed with a registered population of 71 heifers (2 years and younger) and 218 cows as of January 1995.


It is a naturally polled, red dual purpose cow found along the west coast of Norway. It is short-legged and small-boned, but a relatively efficient milk yielder for its size, producing approximately 4000 kg per year on a high roughage diet. Live weight is 400-500 kg. Semen reserves in 1995 were 13,848 units (15 bulls).




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Stiftelsen Norsk Landbrunksmuseum, Sagabygget, Norges landbrukshogskole, 1432 Ås, Norway

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