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The Muscovy duck was developed in Brazil. Surprisingly, Muscovy ducks are the only domestic ducks that are not derived from Mallard stock. The wild Muscovy has a distinct color palette of black and white. Domesticated Muscovy have many different colors. The males can grow to be quite large, weighing 10-15 lbs. Most of the females are 5-7 pounds but can reach up to 9 and sometimes 10 lbs. Their feet are equipped with strong sharp claws for grasping tree branches and roosting. Muscovys are unique because of their bright red caruncles around their eyes and above the beak. They do not swim much because their oil glands are under developed compared to most ducks. Muscovy drakes can set three times a year, and the egg clutches can vary from 8 to 21 eggs. The eggs are incubated for 35 days. An interesting quality of the Muscovy is the noise they make. It sound more like a pant than a hiss. They are considered friendly ducks but are wary of humans. These ducks are less likely to contract and illness than other ducks.



Blue, Blue and White, Chocolate, Chocolate and White, White, Black, Black and White, Lavender, and Calical.



They Muscovy duck population is declining and present in small unpopulated areas where their range of food and hunting grounds are disappearing.




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