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Breeds of Livestock

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A group of small white Pekin ducks walking across a field.The Pekin duck was developed in China from which it was imported to Great Britain in 1872. It was further developed into different strains across Europe and the United States. The first Pekins were imported to the United States about 1873. The Pekin is the most popular market duck in America. It is bred in one variety, white. A creamy white plumage and orange shanks and toes are desired. The bill should be rich yellow in color, and black in the bill or bean is a serious defect. The shape of the body is long, broad, deep and full breasted, allowing it to carry an abundance of meat. The Pekin duck weighs around 8 lbs while the drake weighs 9 lbs. The Pekin, while a major commercial duck, is becoming more popular as a pet. They live up to 8-12 years. Ducklings have yellow feathers.






The Pekin is used for meat and ornamental uses. The Pekin is also the inspiration for Donald Duck and the Aflac duck.




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