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Breeds of Livestock

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Also Known As: Norsk, Norwegian Dairy


The domestic goat breed known as the Norwegian goat, commonly referred to as the Norsk Bukk, was developed in Norway. They are medium-sized to giant goats, with bucks normally weighing between 150-200 pounds and does weighing between 100-150 pounds.


The long, shaggy coat of Norwegian goats, which can be gray, blue, white, or pied in coloration, gives them a distinctive appearance. Their coat, which consists of a longer outer coat and a thick undercoat, helps shield them from the chilly winters in their native Norway. They also have large, curving horns that can grow up to two feet long and protrude from the sides of their heads with large and pointed ears as well. 


Norwegian goats are renowned for their friendliness, docility, and ability to adapt to harsh environments. Their milk, which is frequently stored because it is full of protein and fat, can be used to manufacture a range of dairy products, including cheese and yogurt. They are also raised for their lean, tasty meat as well.




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