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A black Ancona chicken with white speckles standing in the grass.The Ancona originated near the city of Ancona, Italy, from early Leghorns and other breeds. Its mixed ancestry gives it extreme hardiness and prolificacy. Anconas were originally known as Black Leghorns because of their color, which is black with evenly white-tipped feathers. As with Leghorns, Anconas are known primarily for  producing large numbers of white eggs. They were once one of the prime egg-producing breeds in Europe, and joined American farm flocks in the 19th century. Active and busy birds, they are good foragers and said to be indifferent to the climate.



A black Ancona rooster with white speckles.The Ancona have a distinct plumage with black coloring and white tipped feathers. The amount of white grows with each molting. The ear lobes are white, which has no connection to the egg color. In contrast to the black plumage the legs are yellow. The comb can either be a single or rose comb. The egg color is white and the size ranges from medium to large.



Single Comb, Rose Comb.


Standard Weights

Cock: 6 lbs; hen: 4.5 lbs; cockerel: 5 lbs; pullet: 4 lbs



A small fowl that lays a fair number of rather small eggs.



From both the Livestock Conservancy and the Illustrated Guide to Chickens, the Ancona is not as numerous as some other breeds and is under watch.




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