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The Catalana is originally from a region near Barcelona, Spain. The fowl is also called buff Catalana or Catalana del Prat. In this region the Catalana were used chiefly for meat purposes. While in the United States the breed is not particularly common, in South America it is a very useful dual-purpose fowl for eggs and meat.



The Catalana chicken has a single comb with white earlobes. The skin is tinted white with grayish colored legs. The plumage is of a golden red with black tail feathers with a green sheen to them. This fowl is accustomed to the heat and particularly hardy. However, they do not thrive when confined. Their personality is wary of humans and are exceedingly high-risk fliers. The Catalana is not known to go broody.


Standard Weights

Cock: 8 lbs

Hen: 6 lbs

Bantam Cock: 32 oz

Bantam Hen: 28 oz



Buff (According to APA Standards)

White (In Spain)


Egg Shell Color

Pale Pink or White.



The Catalana is  used for meat and eggs.




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