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Breeds of Livestock

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Two white Cochin hens in the grass.The Cochin originates from China in the Shanghai province, in 1840. Along with the Brahma, the Cochin was part of the reason for "Hen Fever", a crazy over chicken breeds in the United States and England around the mid-1800’s. The Cochin was further developed in the U.S. and is known worldwide for their looks. The Cochin were recognized by the APA in 1874.



The Cochin are fluffy fowl with a thick of feathers. This makes the fowl well protected in winter conditions. It is considered one of the largest breeds of Chickens. The feathers around the shanks tend to collect dirt, especially during rain, therefore a dry area is needed with these fowl. The Cochin has a calm disposition and does well in closed quarters. The Cochin posses single combs with red wattle and earlobes. This fowl, much like the Brahma, is fine in different conditions. And just like the Brahma, the Cochin does go broody. The plumage on Cochin comes at a slow pace. These fowl are not known to be at flight risk, so a tall fence is unnecessary.A dark red and black Cochin rooster.


Standard Weights

Cock: 11 lbs

Hen: 8.5 lbs

Cockerel: 9 lbs

Pullet: 7 lbs



According to APA Standard of Perfection (There are also Bantam Varieties)

  • Black
  • Buff
  • Partridge
  • White
  • Barred
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Golden Laced
  • Silver Laced


Egg Shell Color




A fluffy golden Cochin hen.The Cochin have many uses. In the beginning, they were used for their meat, which was best harvested between 15-16 months; in America the Cochin are mainly used for ornamental uses. They also produce large eggs, especially during the winter.




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