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Breeds of Livestock

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More than six years were devoted for developing this breed of chickens in Gimmizah and Montazah Poultry Research Stations. This breed is named after "Bandara" a village that is considered a sector of El-Gimmizah Agriculture Research Center. The White Cornish and the Gimmizah were utilized as base population when developing this breed. The down color of Bandara chicks is recessive white. Adult birds are white in color, the beak, shanks and skin are yellowish white. This breed has duplex comb and red ear lobes. Comprehensive studies showed that this breed was superior to many other local breeds in certain productive and reproductive traits. This breed could be utilized as a foundation stock for meat production.




Taha.H.Mahmoud et al. Agric.Res.Rev.Cairo 1989 vol 67:229. (submitted by Prof. Dr. Taha Hussein Mahmoud, Agriculture Research Center, Ministry of Agriculture, Cairo, Egypt)

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