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A black and gray Andalusian rooster standing in the dirt.The breed was initially developed in Andalusia, Spain. The Andalusian has been bred in the United States and Great Britain.



Andalusians are small, active, closely feathered birds that tend to be noisy and rarely go broody. The plumage is dark and laced. Adalusians are a typical example of the unstable blue color we see in the poultry industry. It is the result of a cross between black and white. When two blues are mated, they produce offspring in the ratio of one black, two blues and one white. These whites and blacks when mated together will produce mainly blues. Andalusians are beautiful when good, but the percentage of really good ones runs low in many flocks because of this color segregation. Hence, they are not widely bred and never in large numbers.



A black and gray Andalusian rooster.Black, Splash, Blue


Standard Weights

Cock: 7 lbs

Hen: 5.5 lbs

Cockerel: 6 lbs

Pullet: 4.5 lbs


Skin Color



Egg Shell Color




An ornamental fowl with fairly good egg production potential.




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