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A dark red Buckeye rooster standing with other chickens.The Buckeye were developed in Warren, Ohio by Mrs. Nettie Metcalf, “the only American breeds developed by a woman” (Lewis, 65) in the 1890’s and named after Ohio’s nickname, the Buckeye State. The Buckeye is a breed developed from crossing Plymouth Rocks with Buff Cochin.



The Buckeye is a hardy breed and adaptable to different conditions. they do particularly well in cold-weather conditions. Their personality is friendly and tend to not have a propensity to feather-pick (a harmful habit where the bird will pluck out, or other damaging actions, all or part of its feathers). Like the Buff Cochin, the Buckeye are known to hunt mice. The Buckeye has dark red plumage, closely held feathers with a pea comb and broad shoulders. They have dark to black tail feathering. The breed has yellow legs and skin. The hens do go broody often. The Buckeye is often mistaken as a Rhode Island Red, which, at one point in time, the Buckeye was associated with and was even named the Pea Comb Rhode Island Red. The Buckeyes have a slanted body with a buff body and powerful A dark red Buckeye chicken with black tail feathers.thighs and wings.


Standard Weights

Cock: 9 lbs

Hen: 6.5 lbs

Bantam Cock: 34 oz

Bantam Hen: 28 oz



The Buckeyes are not as common as Rhode Island Reds, and are in fact threatened.



None.Two dark red Buckeye hens in the grass.


Egg Shell Color




The Buckeye is a dual-purpose bird: layer and meat.




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