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Breeds of Livestock

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The Matrouh was developed in Egypt as part of a project to develop a breed of chickens which could be as a well developed foundation stock in order to be utilized in the process of establishing a hybrid for egg production (Matrouh) is the name given to this  breed which has been developed in Borg El-Arab Poultry Research Farm. The Matrouh was developed from a cross between the White Leghorn and Dokki 4, using systems of breeding coupled with selection.



The new breed - which is auto-sexed - resembles the White Leghorn in body shape and the Barred Plymouth Rock in plumage color. This breed has a single comb and white earlobes. Matrouh was found to be superior to Dokki 4 with respect to average annual egg production (167.4 eggs vs. 192.3 eggs) and average egg weight (49.8 g vs 56.8 g). This breed of chickens could be more adapted to the unfavorable condition imposed in Egyptian farms.


Standard Weights

Mature Adult (Hen): 3.2 lbs


Egg Shell Color




The Matrouh was developed as an egg producer.




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