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Breeds of Livestock

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Coming from Spain, it arrived in the U.S. via the Caribbean Islands. Spanish are the oldest breed of chickens existent in the U.S. today. At one time known as "The Fowls of Seville", they were very popular in the South during the Colonial period.



The large area of snow white skin surrounding the face and wattles makes this breed unique. Actually this is an over developed earlobe. Its color offers a marked contrast with the black plumage and the red comb and wattles. They are considered non-broody and hold their feathers close to their body contours. Spanish are active and noisy. Many individuals are below recommended weight, and at this time, most of the population is highly inbred.


Standard Weight

Cock: 8 lbs

Hen: 6.5 lbs

Cockerel 6.5 lbs

Pullet: 5.5 lbs.





Skin Color



Egg Shell Color




The White-Faced Black Spanish is primarily used for eggs or ornamental purposes.




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