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Breeds of Livestock

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"Baheij" is a breed of chickens which has been developed in Borg-El-Arab Poultry Research Station, Matrouh.It was named after "Baheij", the nearest village to Borg-El-Arab. The Silver Montazah and Alexandria were utilized as base population, when developing this breed. It resembles the Light Sussex in plumage color, but it has a duplex comb and the tail feathers are grayish whit crossed by dark bars. The beak, shanks and skin are yellowish white but the ear lobes are red. Attempts have been made to improve the body weight of this breed through selection for this traits, coupled with other body measurement.




Taha.H.Mahmoud et al. Agric.Res.Rev.Cairo 1989 vol 67:227. (submitted by Prof. Dr. Taha Hussein Mahmoud, Agriculture Research Center, Ministry of Agriculture, Cairo, Egypt)

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