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A black Crevecoeur chicken with fluffy feathers on its head.The Crevecoeur is from the region around Normandy, France. It is thought to be the oldest chicken breed of France. The name is derived from a town, Creve-Coeur en Ange, in the Normandy providence. The fowl was brought to America around the mid-1800’s. As it stands right now, the fowl is considered in critical condition with the number of birds in the United States.



The Crevecoeur has a beautiful red v-shaped comb which is enhanced by the full crest on the bird’s head. However, the crest leads, more often than not, to lice. This fowl has a lean body with a steep chest and a rounded back. The shanks are a pale grayish black color. The beak has a similar color to the legs but it has a deep shade. The skin color is white. While the Crevecoeur looks small and without much muscle, the bird fattens up to become a nice meat bird.


Standard Weights

Cock: 8 lbs

Hen: 6.5 lbs

Bantam Cock: 30 oz

Bantam Hen: 26 oz



  • Black
  • Blue
  • White


Egg Shell Color




The Crevecoeur is a dual purpose breed which is used for eggs and meat.




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