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Breeds of Livestock

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TA white Delaware chicken with small black feathers around the neck and head.he Delaware, once named Indian Rivers, was developed in the United States. The fowl is a cross between a Plymouth Rock and a New Hampshire. It was created by George Ellis around the 1940’s. Its purpose was for broiler production but has since been decreasing with low number in this birds population, which is considered threatened.



The Delaware is a white bird with black barred plumage near the neck area. The tail feathers are also black barred. The fowl has a single red comb and red wattle and earlobes. The shanks are yellow and the skin is white. Since the feathers are white the skin is unblemished. Hens tend to go broody on occasion. The posses a gentle disposition and are not known to be aggressive. The Delaware feathers fast in chicks and builds up a fattened meaty body rapidly.


Standard Weights

A flock of white Delware chickens in a pen.Cock: 8.5 lbs

Hen: 6.5 lbs

Bantam Cock: 34 oz

Bantam Hen: 30 oz



None (According to the APA)


Egg Shell Color

Dark brown.



The Delaware is primarily used for eggs and meat. This fowl lays around 100 to 150 eggs per year, depending on certain conditions such as food supply and weather.




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