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Also Known By: Argentine Landrace, Criollo


The Argentine Criollo is a light riding horse found in Argentina and Two Argentine Criollo horses touching nose to nose in the pasture.Uruguay. They are of the Criollo type and were revived in the period from 1875 to 1890. They are derived from the Criollo brought to South America by the Spanish were it bred with wild horses from Pampas. Many Spanish horses were abandoned when Buenos Aires was sacked by Indians. Due to survival of the fittest the horses were selected for the hardiest and strongest. This became the predecessor for the Argentine Criollo.


The Argentine Criollo light and elegant due to the influence of Thoroughbred blood. They can also be large and heavy, caused by Percheron influence. They come in many colors. They are many used as cow horses and farm animals. They can be used as rodeo and pleasure horses due to their easy nature and agile and quick gait.



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