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The Haflinger is an old breed of small horse that originated in the mountains of the Austrian Tyrol. The name comes from the village of Hafling, part of Austria prior to the end of World War I, but now, located in Italy. The beginning of today's Haflinger can be traced to the year 1874 and the birth of the stallion, "249 Folie," out of a refined, native Tyrolean mare and sired by the half-Arab stallion, "133 El' Bedavi XXII." All purebred Haflingers trace their lineage to this stallion.


The Haflinger came to North America in 1958. Tempel Smith of Tempel Farms, Wadsworth, Illinois, imported them from Austria to begin a breeding program along with his imported Lippizzan horses. Others soon began importing Haflingers, and today there are a number of importers and breeders throughout the United States and Canada. While Haflingers are imported from Germany, Holland, England, and Italy, most continue to come from Austria.


Registries and Breed Associations



Australian Haflinger Horse Breeders Association
4 Emily Road
Mount Vincent
Tel: (61) 2 4938 0333
Fax: (61) 2 4938 0512



Italian National Haflinger Breeders Association
Via Lavagnini 4
50129 Firenze - Italy
Tel: +39-0554627295
Fax: +39-0554628717



Svenska Haflingerföreningen
c/o Dreborg
Bol 1292
SE-748 91 Österbybruk


United States

American Haflinger Registry
1686 East Waterloo Road
Akron, OH 44306-4103
Phone: (330) 784-0000
Fax: (330) 784-9843


Haflinger Breeders Organization - Appendix
14640 State Route 83
Coshocton, OH 43812-8911
Phone: (740) 829-2790
Fax: (740) 829-2322


Haflinger Breeders Organization, Inc.
85 South Street
Rockport MA 01966
Phone: (978) 546-6329
Fax: (978) 546-6329



American Haflinger Registry, 2746 State Route 44 Rootstown, OH 44272


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