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Breeds of Livestock

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Two West African Dongola horses with riders dressed in tribal attire.Also Known By: Dongalawi, Dongolas, Dongolaw


The Dongola is a light horse found in northern Sudan and western Eritrea. The breed is reddish-bay and often has a white face-blaze and feet. The West African Dongola and Sudanese Country Bred were developed from the Dongola. The breed is rare. The original Dongola is nearly extinct because of mixed breeding with Arab, Barb, and Arab-Barb cross-breeds. According to some, another reason for the decline in numbers is poor management. In Sudan, stallions are favored more than mares, so strong stallions are use and weak ones are left to breed with the mares, resulting in weak offspring. The Donogla is a riding horse, standing at 15 to 15.2 hands high. This breed descended from Iberian horses in Egypt taken from Numidia in the late 13th century.



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