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A person riding a Single-Footing horse next to the fence line.The North American Single-Footing Horse takes a unique place among the horse breeds of the world because it is developed, owned, bred, and judged by trail riders for the qualities pleasure trail, competition trail, working trail, and versatility owners need and want.


The Single-Footing Horse is a light breed of good conformation, attractive in appearance, and smooth riding. The ideal gait is a near evenly timed 4 beat intermediate gait which gives an exceptionally smooth ride at speeds from 5 to over 20 miles per hour. Many of these horses are also able to perform other smooth riding gaits as well.


Other qualities are also important such as endurance, a tractable, willing temperament with a natural "want to work" attitude, common sense, the working conformation to hold up to years of service, maximum smoothness at all speeds and a good range in gait.


Single-Footing Horses come in all sizes and all colors and color patterns including many unusual ones.


A brown Single-Footing horse standing in the grass.The Association is aware of the natural versatility of Single-Footing Horses and offers an extensive award program with 50 categories in which horses can earn awards. These categories are broken down into 5 Divisions and each Division reflects special qualities.


It is the policy of the Association to reward horses for what they can do rather then penalize them for what they cannot do.


The Association hopes that all owners will "ask their horse" what your horse can do best and never force unnatural performance with severe or artificial devices. Use of these methods are cause for immediate suspension form NASHA. Performance in any Division is best achieved by a respectful partnership.



Information contained on this page are provided courtesy of North American Single-Footing Horse Association, PO Box 1079, Three Forks, MT 59752. Phone: (406) 285-6826

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