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AA fluffy white Bentheimer Landschaf sheep.lso Known By: Landrace or Bentheim


This member of the heath-sheep landrace is a cross between German and Dutch health sheep and a marshsheep. Since 1934 it has been bred in the northern German Emsland area, especially in the county of Bentheim. The highly endangered, frugal Bentheimer Landschaf is used for landscape preservation.


It is the largest of the German heath-and-moor sheep with long legs and hard hoofs. A slender, long head, Roman nose, small ears, no horns, long and woolly tail, describe the sheep. The sheep is white, but dark pigmentation is permitted around the eyes, on the ears and on its legs. Fleece weight is 3-4 kg, with a fiber diameter of 34-40 microns. Rams weight 75-80 kg, ewes weight 50-60 kg. Ewes lamb easily and are good mothers. This landrace sheep is easily satisfied, but needs to live in a flock. It produces delicious meat.




Gesellschaft zur Erhaltung alter und gefaehrdeter Haustierrassen e.V., Schwerpunkt Schafe und Ziegen, Postfach 1218, 37202 Witzenhausen, Germany

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